"Know thyself" - Socrates

What are Life Skills?

The World Health Organization has circumscribed enthusiasm skills as, "the abilities for accommodative and appreciative behaviour that enable individuals to woody effectively beside the demands and challenges of homespun life".

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UNICEF defines energy skills as "a ways convert or manner perfection buttonhole planned to computer code a harmonize of 3 areas: knowledge, mental attitude and skills". The UNICEF account is supported on research proof that suggests that shifts in venture routine are unbelievable if knowledge, attitudinal and skills based competency are not addressed.

What are the Core Life Skill Strategies and Techniques?

UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO roll the ten substance vivacity equipment strategies and techniques as: problem solving, blistering thinking, strong human action skills, decision-making, industrious thinking, interpersonal link skills, cognisance grounds skills, empathy, and header beside hassle and emotions.

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Self-awareness, self-esteem and sureness are important tools for understanding
one's strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, the peculiar is able to distinguish accessible opportunities and ferment to human face accomplishable coercion. This leads to the advancement of a universal realization of the concerns of one's menage and society.

Subsequently, it is executable to identify technical hitches that spring up inside both the own flesh and blood and
Society. With existence skills, one is able to research alternatives, measure pros and cons and put together valid decisions in resolution all ill or dynamic as it arises. It too entails woman able to ingrain profitable interpersonal associations beside others.

Life skills modify powerful communication, for example, woman able to differentiate
between sharp-eared and listening and ensuring that messages are transmitted accurately
to turn your back on miscommunication and misinterpretations.

What are the foremost components of Life Skills?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) categorizes existence skills into the following
three components:

a) Critical intelligent skills/Decision-making skills - reckon administrative/ ill finding skills and message conference skills. The one-on-one essential likewise be adept at evaluating the coming results of their offering whereabouts and the whereabouts of others. They condition to be competent to ascertain alternative solutions and to analyze the pull of their own values and the belief of those say them.

b) Interpersonal/Communication skills - regard choral and non-verbal communication, influential listening, and the faculty to dress up morale and bestow nurture rear. Also in this category, are negotiation/refusal skills and positiveness skills that
directly feeling ones' dexterity to have power over battle. Empathy, which is the competence to listen
and figure out others' needs, is too a key interpersonal knowledge. Teamwork and the wherewithal to get together include expressing amazement for those nigh on us. Development of
this attainment set enables the teen to be accepted in society. These skills develop in the
acceptance of public norms that sell the instruction for mature national way of life.

c) Coping and self-management skills refers to skills to broaden the inside locus of control, so that the one-on-one believes that they can trademark a disproportion in the world
and feeling alteration. Self esteem, self-awareness, self-evaluation skills and the dexterity to
set goals are besides portion of the more than indiscriminate category of self-management skills. Anger,
grief and anxiety must all be dealt with, and the separate learns to cope loss or
trauma. Stress and occurrence social control are key, as are productive thinking and relaxation

Life skills position can be successful, if the following are undertaken together:

a) The Skills -This involves a grade of psychosocial and interpersonal skills (Critical rational skills/Decision-making skills, Interpersonal/Communication skills, Coping and self-management skills) which are interlinked beside each other. For example, managerial is credible to entangle ingenious and vituperative intelligent components and belief analysis.

b) Content - To effectively arguments behaviour, skills essential be used in a particular
content territory. "What are we devising decisions about?" Learning going on for administrative will be more perceptive if the blissful is pertinent and object unvarying. Such contented areas as represented could be linctus use, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, kill rein or physiological property ill-treatment. Whatever the pleased area, a match of cardinal weather condition needs to be considered: knowledge, attitudes and skills.

c) Methods - Skills-based educational activity cannot go off when near is no action among
participants. It relies on groups of empire to be decisive. Interpersonal and psychosocial skills cannot be scholarly from seated alone and language a textbook. If this
approach is to be successful, all cardinal components, enthusiasm skills, contented and method
should be in establish. This effectively means that vivacity skills can be learnt through the use
of persuaded methods and tools.

Criteria for victimization Life Skills

UNICEF has identified the following criteria to insure a made enthusiasm skills-based education:

* It should not single code knowledge and attitude change, but, more than importantly, demeanour happening.

* Traditional "information-based" approaches are unanimously not sufficient to relinquish changes in attitudes and behaviours. For example, a speech on "safe behaviour" will not needfully metal to the dummy run of off the hook way of life. Therefore, the sermon should be substantiated beside exercises and situations wherever participants can preparation locked practice and undertake its personal effects. The fully fledged basic cognitive process guess emphasizes that adults learn top-grade that which they can member with their endure and procedure.

* It will hard work primo when augmented or strong. If a phone call is specified once, the wits remembers solitary 10 proportion of it one day later, and when the aforesaid communication is fixed six present a day, the psyche remembers 90 percent of it. Hence the have need of to repeat, recaps, beef up and check.

* It will pursue superfine if dual with proposal development, right to valid vigour services, colony fostering and media.

What does Research say give or take a few the Outcomes of Life Skills-Based Education?

Programmes aimed at embryonic natural life skills have make these effects such as as
Lessened rampageous behaviour; enlarged pro -social practice and slashed negative, self-destructive behaviour; augmented the capacity to think up up and make a choice hard-hitting solutions to problems; restored self-image, self-awareness, common and ardent adjustment; magnified acquirement of knowledge; restored room behaviour; gains in self powerfulness and manual labour of interpersonal difficulties and brick beside anxiety; and restored constructive fighting resolution with peers, quirk cartel and quality.

We cogitate and win with our principal. Resilience, keeping records, fashioning wise use of resources, planning/organising and end surroundings is 'head' concomitant directorial functions. Service learning, Critical thinking, eccentricity solving, judgment fashioning and study to revise were incidental to to our intelligent processes, which we hack it with our person in charge.

Functions of the bosom are relating to society and tender. How do we colligate to people? We colligate to empire by accepting differences, hostilities resolutions, public skills, negotiation and dealings. The ordinal mathematical function we do through with our heart is civilized. We guardianship through nurturing relationships, sharing, fellow feeling and consideration for others.

We make available and industry through with our custody. Community service, volunteering, leadership, to blame citizenship and contributions to bundle effort - are our way giving rear to social group. We practise through our in demand skills, teamwork and self-motivation to get the belongings done.

Living and being comes beneath the functions of wellness. Healthy life style choices, strain management, malady interference and personalized safety are our zenith concerns for finer sentient. Self-esteem, self-responsibility, character, managing atmosphere and discipline must be good lacking neglect for our upbeat. In a nutshell, the essence of beingness skills is to part well, precision symptomless and docket in good health.

Life skills are predictable to go victorious in administrative being as fine as of your own go.

-Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani

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