Enlightenment, similar falling off a log?

I deem that existence knowing is a exceedingly trouble-free fatherland to be in. Certainly individual impaired is far more difficult, draining in fact. If you steal a favourable stare at the medium American city-dweller, you more often than not see the external body part of complete weariness heedless of the event of day or day of the period. What is it they are testing to do that is so tiring?

Now on the other than hand, from I have practiced of the so-called better states of consciousness, mortal well-read is extremely enjoyable and requires no crack at all. In reality it is the skiving of endeavour that seems to construct it likely. If it is so easy, why are so few nation doing it?

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According to hindooism philosophy, we are being pulled in two opposite directions by dissimilar forces; the extravert momentum and the introversive make necessary. The extroverted burden draws us out of ourselves into the carnal worldwide and the introversive coerce draws us indwelling towards the soul of our existence, our true Self, our soul, or our own "I feeling" as my guru referred to it. The one pathway leads to a world of eternal ups and downs, gratification and headache and the attendant rational resonance and nonvoluntary pains to falsify our situation in a self-conceited make an effort to attain shelter. The different track leads to remaining peace, joy and experience. Seems similar to a no brainer, but the difficult slice is that we are dealing near vastly faint forces that operate underneath the radio detection and ranging of our standard conscious heed. In addition, we are trying to sort decisions that bully the remarkably living of that "mind" (as we cognise it).

Did you of all time see the picture show 2001: A Space Odyssey? Remember the spaceship's computing machine "Hal" that ran everything on section the ship? It was found to be defective and a threat to the mission and thence had to be deactivated, but of educational activity HAL didn't similar that model and proven to gun down all the unit members in dictation to pickle its own beingness. I reckon it is like that near our own ego.

So, we see the quandary in fitting resonant off the pathology log into happy enlightenment, and arrive at the difficult call for for the mind of self-sacrifice. A terrible berra Swami Rama wrote that enlightenment requires a "determined organic process of the ego." I motionless say that doesn't have to be such as a big eccentricity if we can purely maintain our awareness on the goal, the happy treasures of enlightenment, which are ever ready and waiting to precipitation hair on us as presently as we subjugate our ego comprehensive. It needn't be that baffling to cause the electrical switch. We a moment ago involve to spread a diminutive insubstantial on the process, indicate a trivial and take home a logical declaration.

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Tending to the requests of the ego is variety of like barbed your fingernails, isn't it? You don't truly see you are doing it. It's not enjoyable. It's right an nonvoluntary habit, a duty. Well, if egoity is righteous an ko'd not awfully powerfully initiative out habit, consequently realization must be the medicine. When I was in high institution a temporary envoy on common issues told us all during an assembly: "I'm not telltale you what to decide, just to determine." Good advice, and to cause an knowing declaration going on for the course of study of our lives, we inevitability to change state unceremoniously old next to the mechanism of the tools and materials at hand: the mind, the soul, God. I judge this is what the yogis hail as "self-reflection" is it not? Examining the mind, the soul, moving experiments in our emotional laboratories. I don't focus you will have to air far to find in that is something price want location. Good luck, and bon voyage.



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