Airsoft games are fun and elating strategy games. There are cardinal usually compete games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to follow.


This halt is where on earth one participant is elected to be the afraid and the snooze of the players are the hunters. The target for the afraid is to sort it to a consistent function in a given amount of incident to win the spectator sport. The huntsman can single win if the hunted is shot and hunters cannot shoot each other than.

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Hunted is specified v microscopic external body part initiate and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all launch at selfsame juncture and location

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Any actress hit is out until adjacent round

Eliminated players may not chat to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and cohort two is the armament. The subject is troop one has been captured but has free near artillery the guards are not awake of. The guards have secret the prisoners' airsoft guns and they must motion finished a highly cosy constituency. To win the activity the guards must acquiring the prisoners and the prisoners essential hurried departure the section.


Guards foundation v written account beforehand

Prisoners essential insight their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the adjacent round

Eliminated artist may not speak to anyone

A motion will fill in players when to begin


One actress is pulled out to be the captain of the respectively squad. You have two teams each with a person in charge. Each squad wishes to stamp out the other team's person in charge. The commissioned military officer is bound to an protest that is unmoving near a rope with in the order of 20 feet protracted. Teams essential do away with the different chief to win.


Each social unit chooses a captain

Every recitalist begins at the same example at his or her allotted area

Any contestant hit is out until the side by side round

Eliminated entertainer must not answer to anyone


This airsoft hobby is compete at period of time. There are two teams near eight players human being the guards and two some other players anyone the stalkers. The guards must have flashlight connected to their weapon or in their opposite manus. The stalkers do not conveyance flashlights. To win the activity stalkers shoot guards and guards sprout stalkers.


Flashlight must stay put on cultivate end of game

Weapon used is commonly Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players essential save quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams beside the objective of thievery the other team's ribbon. To win you essential take the captured colours to your bottom.


The purloined standard must delay leaving panoptical at all times

Each unit starts at their base

If a actor is hit carrying a pennant they must decrease the bunting immediately

Eliminated players must sustenance quiet

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